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Chevy S-10 Fuel Pump

I have a 1997 Chevy S-10, 6 cyl, auto. Had it for two years. Great truck, unless it rains. Then, the fuel pump fuze blows. Had it on a computer, twice. Replaced the fuel pump. Manually checked the wiring harness. Any ideas?

I don’t understand. You replaced the fuel pump, which is inside the fuel, in the fuel tank because rain affects it? How can rain affect the fuel pump, inside the fuel, inside the fuel tank?
An electrical short, in the wires to the fuel pump, blows the fuse when it rains? So, OK, simulate rain and test out the wiring. Simulate with a garden hose sprayer, or the like. With the engine running, spray the wiring underneath the truck, area by area, until the engine stalls from lack of fuel (when the fuse blows). Examine the last section of wiring to find the short.

Replaced the pump becuase, after 12 years and 240,000 miles, the pressure was way off what it should have been. Tried the spraying trick once, and the engine ran fine. Then two days later, it rained, and forget it, the fuze blew again.
Nice day today, I’ll go try spraying again, and see what happens. Thanks.

I’d bet my morning muffins that the fuse is blowing because you have in intermittand short to ground in the line to the fuel pump. Try stringing a new wire. It does not need to be through the harness, but I’d keep it as close to the harness as possible for future reference, even zip tie it alongside.