Rear disk brake rotors

I recently took my '05 Honda CR-V in for a 60,000 mile service.Oil ch’g,lube,trans. service,chk hoses-belts,etc, The service tech. informed me that the brakes front and back needed replaced ,front rotors “turned”,but the rear rotors needed replaced because of “rust”.I thought that was odd but I never had any issues with this particular garage.When picking up the CR-V I asked to see the rotors,the rotors had only rust on the outer and inner part of the rotor and clean on the surface that contacts the brakes with minimal ware.I feel like I’ve been “Taken”

A simple visual inspection of rotors will not tell you that they need to be turned. Also you do not replace rotors because of rust, except maybe in the most extreme of cases. You were likely ripped off.

I would have all four of them turned or replaced. With today’s metallic pads, this is often necessary.

Like Xebadaih said, you can’t tell if they need to be turned by visually inspecting them. You have to take precise measurements on various parts of the rotors to tell if they are warped, and you also need to measure them to see if there is enough metal left to turn them. Remember, the more often they are turned, then thinner they will be. When they get thin, they warp easier.

I only turn my rotors once. Then at the next brake job, I replace them.

Get a second opinion. We can’t tell if you are being lied to without seeing and measuring the rotors.

I had no pulsation while braking,no pitting,no groove in the rotors and only rust where the pads didn’t make contact w/rotor.I understand the warp factor when rotors are thin or damaged.,too late for a second opinion. but thanks anyway,

Why is it too late for a second opinion? Did you authorize them to do the work? Did you authorize them to turn the rotors?

I told the service Tec. to go ahead and put new rotors on the Rear without looking at the rotors myself.Upon returning to pickup the vehicle I ask to see the rotors they took off.I was supprised to see minimal ware on the rotor surface and told them I believed the rotors could have been turned,the service tech(a woman),did not know what to say to me except that the “the person that worked on the vehicle already left”. I a
got a survey call the next day wanting to know if I was happy with their work,I told them I didn’t think the rear rotors needed replaced and I was not happy at all.The Service Mg. called me,I return to speak to him face to face,He had the rotors in his office.The only “rust” on the rotors was on the outer edge which he thought may have been questionable,but he admitted that I should have given me the choice of resurface or replace.He said"what do you want?" I said if you were in my shoes what would you want? He said the $ back on the rotors(red faced and smiling),He said he would “get the necessary paper work done” and "go through the hoops " to keep me as a satisfied custumer.I let you know what happens.

Got refunded for the brake rotors.

my rotors are rusted on the edges but where the pads rub, they’re shiny as new. I agree with the others that they didn’t need to be changed/turned unless they were measured to be warped and you felt pulses when braking. I can’t remember why but I changed rotors on my 94 camrys once. Usually I keep the rotors on for at least 200K.

Congratulations on the refund! Reading this almost knocked me off my seat!