Chevy pickup idling rough



I have a 96 chevy pickup 350 that will occasionally start to miss. Sometimes the check engine light will come on after I’ve been driving a while and it will start to miss. Also the throttle will stick and you have to tap it pretty hard to get it to accelerate. Once you tap it hard, it won’t stick anymore(still runs rough though)unless you coast for a while, like down a hill and then it will try to stick again.


PS. Can anyone help me with this.


The sticking may be the throttle sticking in the throttle bore. Disconnect the throttle cable and move the throttle arm to see if it is sticking. While it’s disconnected, check the cable to make sure it is not sticking.

If the throttle blades are sticking then it’s probably either carbon and gunk in the throttle body or the throttle shaft bushings are worn.

For this misfire, I would start by retrieving the codes from the ECU. Post back when you get that.