Chevy lugnuts

Does a 07 vintage Pontiac have same swollen lugnut issue as newer fords? I noticed my 3/4” socket is real tight on the lugnuts. Was at junkyard and found some nice wheels but 3 of the 4 lugnut are semi rounded over. Guy had a 3/4” 6 point socket but it would not fit on lugnuts. Tried a 13/16 6 point and it spun. So the hex is messed up. Will pounding on a 3/4” 6 point work? Or try a 20mm socket? That’s .780”

Any lug nut with a cap can have that problem. My first car was a 1977 Olds and I had that issue. 19mm is just a hair larger than 3/4 so you could try that, but I have +.5mm wheel sockets to remove problem nuts (19.5, 21.5, 22.5). Just had to use the 21.5 yesterday on a Toyota.

General Motors has used capped lug nuts since the 1970’s, I don’t know when Ford began using them.

The only two lug-nut related items I can find for an 07 Pontiac is a caution when using non-oem lug nuts/covers, and that the cap can crack if the wrong size (length) socket is used, which can then corrode the lug nut it covers. Googling PI0655A might provide further info.

19mm is .741”. 20mm is .78”

That’s why you use +.5mm wheel socket
19.5mm = .767"

I got a 20mm socket. It was snug. Had to tap socket onto lugnut. A 19.5 may not have fit. Lugnuts came off. Got the set of 4 wheels/tires for $57image