Chevy HHR Ignition Switch Woes

My problems arose about 6 months ago, when I was overdue for an inspection by a few weeks. I did get pulled over once, but that cop let me go. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY SIGN TO GET MY CAR INSPECTED… but it wasn’t. I put it off longer. I got caught in an inspection check, and I did recieve a ticket. I was resolved to finally get my car inspected. THEN, my key stopped working - in the on position. The only managble solution I could come up with was to take off the steering column and physcially unplug it. This allowed me to turn my car off when I needed to. THEN my wheel barrings turned out to be shot.

My question is this: Does unplugging the steering column have any effect on my car’s computer? Is unplugging the steering column somehow resetting it? I want to attempt to have it inspected while I await my ignition switch.
Thank you,

I don’t think unplugging the steering column would have any impact on the computer, provided the battery remained connected. Many time mechanics will disconnect the battery when doing a job like that, so you’d need to ask if the battery was disconnected.

Any shop could verify the computer is ready for inspection test – i.e. all the monitors are complete, and there are no active emissions related codes – if you wanted to make sure. A lot of auto parts stores will do that for free if you ask.

Thank you. :slight_smile: