Chevy Cruz brakes air noise

I have a 2014 cruze, and when I press down the brake there is a loudish noise that sounds like air blowing out that I hear coming from the outside of my car. When this happens, my brake pedal also pushes closer to the floor. I noticed this maybe 1 month after I purchased, so I’m not sure if this is standard or something I should be concerned about. Anybody else experience this noise?

This is the brake booster. See if the vacuum line to the booster is leaking. The booster is the round can between the master cylinder and the firewall.

Actually, let the dealer do it. Your car is under warranty.

+1 to jt’s recommendation.
+1 to knifenmore’s educated guess; but I was thinkin’ the check valve.

NOTE: if they give you a BS line of “that’s normal”, try another of the same on their lot and see if it makes the same noise. When it doesn’t, demand that they determine why yours does.

Good comments above. Not an uncommon complaint heard here. Most likely either some problem w/the vacuum hose to the brake booster or the brake booster diaphragm itself has a leak in it. Less likely, if there’s a vacuum storage container on this vehicle, that could be leaking.

In any event, this is a serious safety issue, should be under warranty, and needs to be addressed asap.