Brake pedal noise

The brakes on my 1992 Jeep Cherokee just began to make a hissing noise, that distinctly sounds like air being pushed out of a piston under pressure. The harder I push on the pedal the louder the noise. The noise eminates from inside where the pedal apparatus goes into the firewall. The brakes still work. I have over 200,000 miles on the car and I fear this may be the “death blow” to “Surfmobile”. Any ideas?

Tom from Virginia Beach

The brake booster is vacuum operated. You probably have a vacuum leak. This can be repaired, and does not mean the vehicle is dead. Get this looked at. If the booster fails the brakes will require a very heavy push to stop the vehicle.

Thanks, I will get it checked out.

Mcparadise is correct, but I will say that you definitely have a vacuum leak from the brake booster. The booster unit can easily be replaced by any competent mechanic, but you should have it done sooner than later. Without the assist of the brake booster, you could suddenly find the brakes very difficult to apply, and if this happens without warning, it could be dangerous.

Thanks. On my way to the mechanic today.