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Chevy Blazer 2001 2 door, should I sell or keep

Just would like thoughts on whining noise so I can expect the news when I have to take it in. So all of a sudden it is making a light whining noise, it almost seems like it is coming from the dashboard. the sound reminds me of old time radios where the tubes would make a noise. It’s not the radio, ruled that out. It does get quieter when warmed up.

Try turning the A/C off or on. You might also try using a length of garden hose to try and track down the source of the sound.

After you find the source we can consider how to proceed from there.

How old is the serpentine belt and what brand? The only belt I use on my 2000 Blazer is the Goodyear Poly-V. I once tried a Dayco belt (Advance Auto?) that was noisier than the 4 year old belt it replaced.

Ed B.

Some GM alternators will start to whine before they expire. You might want use JEM’s advice and check the alternator with a piece of hose. Engine running of course.

ok, thanks…my niece’s BF will help with this when he gets down here.