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Chevy Avalznche

Have a clunking and metalic noise in the front when in four wheel drive. Any idea what it is?

Its something metallic…that is clunking…maybe in the front.

Ok seriously though - you’ve got to give people something to go on. Does it start as soon as you engage 4WD? Only when moving? In turns? Does it ever speed up/slow down/get quieter/louder/stop momentarily? etc. etc.

How many miles are on this thing? What year? What has maintenance been like - and don’t just say “regular oil changes” (unless that’s all there is).

It is in the front. As soon as I engage 4 wheel drive I hear it. At higher speed, straight going, it’s a pronounced squeak, squeak. I get the clunking sound when I’m snow plowing or turning going slow. I have 87000 miles on it and it’s been well maintained. It drives and handles like a new vehicle As I mentioned before, it’s a 2002–1500 4x4 Avalanche