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2015 Chevrolet 2500 - Clunk

My truck has a creaking/clunking sound when I am backing up and have wheels turned to the right

4X4 ?
A little more info please.

Its a 2015 2500 diesel 4x4 Chev Silverado Z71 package

Just guessing, but could be the CV joint.

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If it’s a 4X4 and you are on pavement, that could be the problem.

On pavement or off should not make any difference, even with automatic hubs I would imagine the front axle might turn when in 2WD.

If it’s a 4X4 with the 4WD engaged, it should not be driven on pavement. That info should be in the owners manual. There needs to be some slippage available at each of the 4 wheels, such as being on sand or dirt or snow.

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The creaking seems more pronounced when its colder outside. All grease nipples have been recently greased but that didn’t stop the faint creaking. I’m leaning towards the CV joint too.
I will be take into a local trust worthy automotive shop this week! Thanks for the assistance.