Chevy Astro Power Door Locks

I have a 99 Chevrolet Astro with power door locks. All the power door locks recently stopped working. Can lock and unlock manually, but nothing happens when any switch is pressed to lock or unlock(no clicking sound is heard). Rear hatch door lock also not working. Replaced the circuit breaker located in under dash fuse box and it had no effect. Recently removed the center console panel to access back of radio. Could this of had some effect on the power door locks? No other electrical problems. Radio works fine and center console is still not reattached.

It does appear that power to the lock system has been disabled somehow. I recommend you purchase a service manual for the vehicle. A factory manual is the best but not absolutely necessary to get. Check out Ebay and you may find a good deal on one. Then also purchase a test light probe or voltmeter so you can check for voltage at suspected trouble points. Armed with these things you will be able to find the trouble pretty quick. A service manual saves you time and money over the years in service shop repair bills on work you can do yourself.

I just had the same thing happen again after my 2 year old was playing with the power lock switch. I thought I would post the fix that also worked with the original post. In the fuse panel under and to the left of the steering column on the 99 astro, there is a fuse labeled Cig Lit. It was bad. Replaced it and the locks worked. Don’t understand the circuitry, but know it works.