Chevrolet lacetti engine fluctuating

Hello guys. I have a chevrolet lacetti which is fluctuating rpm very strangely and very high at idle and low speeds. The problem happened after a head gasket replacement. The car has new head gasket. Egr. Crankshaft sensor. Camshaft sensor. Spark plugs. Spark plug wires. Spark plug coil. New gaskets almost everywhere. I tried to find a vacuum leak but nothing. When i connect the code reader it doesn’t find any trouble codes. I did notice though that when i accelerate in neutral that my maf sensor is showing the pressure dropping instead of increasing. I disconnected the maf sensor and the car almost runs normal. It does jerk a bit on low speeds but i am assuming is because it doesn’t have the maf sensor connected. Any ideas what it could be?. Is it a maf sensor faulty? It wasn’t before the head gasket replacement.

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