Checking your blind spot through the left rear window

I’d like to comment on the lady (from Alaska?) who wanted her husband to put the dry cleaning on the right side of the car so it wouldn’t block her view out the left rear window when she is checking her blind spot. She was told on the show that you can’t easily see out that left rear window when you turn your head, but I beg to differ. As I was listening to the show from my car, I did a few checks, and I can definitely see out there. I’m also pretty sure I’m looking through there each time I check my blind spot. Any other flexible necked people out there who agree with me?

Nope, been hanging clothes on the left side for over 40 years because of that. Used to have a clothes rod and I’d always push the clothes to the left so I could see out the right window. Not saying you don’t ever look a little through the left window, but if you have to choose one or the other, the clothes should be on the left. I try to avoid hanging anything up though.

Just lay the dry-cleaning on the back seat and enjoy the added safety of seeing out both windows.

Option 2 - I hook the dry cleaning over one of the headrest supports in the front passenger seat. The hooks in back don’t hold enough.

Who uses dry cleaning?!?

= )

I buy only wash & wear.

Seriously, there’s no way I could see out the LR window on my car.

I completely understand Alaska girl. I crane my neck to check LR! I don’t trust just my mirrors. If I did have dry cleaning (wash and wear too), I would lay it on the back seat cause I actively check the other side also.

If this is an issue, someone’s mirrors need to be adjusted outward. Tom and Ray’s method (on this website) should be in every State’s driver education manual.

That said, I always check the blind spot outside the left rear window.

I agree, clothes should be hung on the left. I definitely use that right window more, and if your mirror is adjusted properly it should cover that left blind spot.

completely depends on what you’re driving.
Since you have to hang them SOMEWHERE, you choose the place that blocks the least available view.
In my Expedition and Escape that’s the left rear quarter window.

The only time I was able to see something useful out of the left rear window was in England, where the driver sits in the RIGHT and they drive on the left.

The SAE has a pamphlet on how to adjust your mirrors to avoid blind spots. You do have to move your head slighty when you want to see what’s in the “blind” spot.The left rear window here is virtually useless.

I agree with Doc…anyone who depends on the left rear window to check their blind spots, probably uses their mirrors for applying make up and checking the hairdo. I include we guys too…

I can easily see out my LR window, but - I don’t hang anything on either side. But I don’t turn around to check my blind spot. Trusting mirrors is a weird thing to say. The mirror can’t do anything other than mirror. If you don’t trust yourself using a mirror then that is something to work on. Mine work just fine and I use them and rarely take my attention from the road in front of me while I simultaneously know what is happening on the road behind me.

I’ve applied convex ( fish eye ) mirrors to all three trucks I have now and every vehicle previous.

Not a blind spot to be found.

I too use convex lenses attached to the corners of my mirrors. Have for many years. When I drive the company cars, which do not have them, I realize how severe blind spots really are on cars without them.

I learned something form stevie ray, no wait tom and ray,

I have found the rectangular stick on my fave, but still do, and train others to do a head turn and check. In the link above, is some good info.