Checking on the Body Shop's Advice- Rear Windshield



Hi!- RE: 97 Dodge Grand Caravan. A baseball bat was taken to the rear windshield, smashing the glass & denting the side panel right next to the frame of the rear windshield. The body shop wants to replace the rear windshield this week & then next week, they want me to return so they can fix the dent. Since the dent is partly on the frame, does this make sense? I’m rather concerned that it would be a shotty fix if not all done at once. Any advice or insight would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I would interpret this as an attempt to fix the immediate problem (replace rear glass), with an understanding that the proper perfect fix came later. This is especially true if you have no glass at all right now.I would exercise this option if a needed the rear glass badly.

If you want to wait, I would expect that the body shop wouldn’t car if they did the whole job at once, either. Talk to them about the options.

You didn’t say what condition the old rear glass is in, so it is hard to determine if their motivation is anything except pure and helpful.


The auto body shop may have your safety in mind as well. The shape of the minivan creates a partial vacuum at the back and without a rear window, exhaust fumes may be sucked into the cabin. This may be why they recommended doing the window first to get you going safely.