Check Engine light

This is for our 2005 Mercury Monterey. The check engine light is on and the code says P0193, Fuel rail pressure sensor circuit high input.
Last week we were waiiting in he car with it running on idle and heat running, about 5-10 min, later the the light came on and has remained on, so checked for the code and above code displayed. Possible causes/fixes could be broad as per the sheet printed at ORailey’s for this vehicle, but based on above info can it be narrowed down? How urgent the repair is, needed to show right away? Any suggestions what could be done at home before taking it in? car has around 108k on it.

Since you’re gonna be taking it to the shop and not doing the repair yourself, hopefully the O Really guy didn’t clear the code and the light is still on.

So can we clear the code and check if it comes back on?

The list of possible causes for the code isn’t that long. Most likely it’s either a faulty sensor or weak fuel pump.

Have a trusted mechanic check the pressure at the fuel rail, and if the pressure is up to spec, he’ll know the sensor or sensor circuit is faulty. If pressure is below spec, it’s a fuel pump problem or perhaps a clogged fuel filter.

Yes, you could clear the code, but it will probably come back. Meanwhile you may be driving with a failing fuel pump.

Tried erasing the code, it came back on, so had to replace the fuel pressure sensor as per the mechanic. cost around 350, felt kind of steep, parts were 170.

I think it’s a fair price.