Check engine Light

I have Acura 1996 3.2 and its agreat car but about 2 months ago the Check engine light is on and when i try to accelerate on highway or just on high speed it wont go in the next gear at the moment but when im gonna press the pedal harder suddenly it will accelerate in a second. Also when im standing on the traffic light the dashbord starts shaking and its a feeling like a car is going to turn off. Its an automatic. And this happensore frequently when the tank is full. Please could ypu help me with that?

Your first step is getting the car scanned and finding out what code or codes are present.
Most chain type auto parts houses (AutoZone, Advance, O’Reillys, etc) will do this for you free and it only takes a few minutes.

The counter guys at the parts houses job is to provide a code, not a diagnosis. Many times there is more to the problem than what the code may infer.
Find out what codes are present and post back.

What’s the difference between “Check Engine” light and “Service Vehicle Soon” lights?

Semantics. They’re the same thing although if you wanted to get picky the SES might be more appropriate seeing as how an illuminated light could mean any one of a number of things other than an actual engine fault.

Ok im gonna take it to auto house today. Thank you

With my malibu I got the “Check Engine Light” and had a mechanic take a look at it. It was a simple fix…Engine was misfiring. Had to replace the coil pack in it.

Any time my grown kids ask me about a CEL light, and with tongue in cheek, I tell them it’s technically an EVL light; Explosion Very Likely. :wink:

Check Engine Light= You’ll be living off Ramen Noodles for a month until you make all the money you spent getting the car fixed back!

I had car checked 2 weeks ago but they coul not find the code… Im goin to mechanic tommorow So lets see maybe they can find it now