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Check engine light

My daughter’s 2000 cr-v check engine light came on.

She took it to a trusted mechanic who scanned the computer and it came up with a code she forgot the number.

The mechanic changed out a part that looks to have two inlet/outlet ports,and electrical plug on it.

The car ran without any problems for 3 days then the check engine light came back on.

Anybody have any ideas? Of course the car runs fine.


We have no symptoms and now way to guess about the part. So all you can do is get the code and post it. And report symptoms if applicable.

Take it back. The repair is still under warranty. The mechanic needs to be told that the repair didn’t fix the check engine light. Have your daughter write down the codes or get them from the mechanic and post back here if you have doubts about the mechanic’s diagnostic abilities. I would expect to pay for possible additional parts, but a minimum to no labor, depending on how much time the mechanic has to spend to diagnose and fix properly.

I’ll talk to the mechanic myself. Thanks for the replies