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Check engine light

I took it to autozone and the results are:

1. Failed AF sensor

2. Open short circuit condition

3. Vacuum leak in engine

4. Fuel injector or pressure regulator fault.

But when I took it to advance auto part. the result:

1. Manufacturer control fuel air metering ration ( Fuel/Air ratio sensor)

anyone have any suggestion.

well, both of them say its the AF sensor, so check the plug to that sensor first. replace if needed.
open short is one or the other, you need to find out which, and where, is it associated with the AF? Look for a loose or cracked vacume hose, is it also part of the AF?
Have the fuel pressure tested with a reliable gauge. If there is a fuel injector problem that may be an artifact of the faulty AF, and not an actual failing injector.

Getting “text” is not helpful. That’s just what someone programmed the code reader to say. You need to provide the actual code - like this: “P1234”

just to make sure you understand… the codes are important to know. NOT what someone else says they mean, but the actual codes.

These codes are general pointers of where to look for problems. for instance, there may be NO problem with the AF sensor. it may be the connections, or wiring. so simply replacing the AF sensor MAY solve the problem, but in all actuality just cleaning, and wiggling the connection may be what is amiss.

a good mechanic can decipher the difference, and in the long run save you money, and aggravation by replacing what is actually broken, versus what the code reader suggests is the problem.

if you are attempting to do this yourself, be aware that sometimes a shadetree mechanic often DOES get the job done, but usually it is a ‘hit or miss’ method of parts replacement. then again, sometimes, the replacement of several unnecessary parts is often cheaper than paying shop rate if you have the patience and time to wade through the issues.