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Check engine light switch

This is just a little exercise in the way humans think and act. The question is: How many drivers would turn off the “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light if they had a switch that would allow them to do it? My guess is about 60 percent of new vehicle drivers and 90 percent of of used vehicle drivers. Humans are funy creatures because they won’t touch the “Do Not Remove Under Penalty Of Law” tag on their mattress but will drive around indefinitely with a “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Light” on their dash. My percentages are based on the general public and not on mechanics of any type who would never think of using the switch.

Another question off the subject is: Do you think it should be illegal to sell a vehicle without an owners manual in the glovebox?

I think your 60 percent estimate is too low.

I don’t think it should be illegal to sell a vehicle without an owner’s manual because you can’t legally compel the purchaser to read the manual.

I would buy a vehicle without a manual under certain conditions, but I’d purchase a used manual ASAP. I also like to have service manuals for my cars.

Agree with above ^
How many questions don’t we get here, that could be easily solved in less than 5 minutes with the Owner’s Manual? The existence/attachement of a Manual in the car, does not guarantee that it will be used…unfortunately.