Check engine light on my 2001 Honda CR-V

When I had a new battery installed, the check engine light came on; initially, testing showed 2 valves performing “intermittently”. Have done a full tune-up with new spark plugs & rotor, which briefly fixed it. Anything that can be done other than a full valve job?

More than likely you just need your valves adjusted. Common prob. maintenance issue on Hondas. Did my own valve adjustment on my Honda Element. It is not that difficult. Usually the exhaust valves are too tight. If you do not do it about every 100,000 miles you run the risk of burning up a valve. Common symptoms are like the ones you are having, and stalling especially when cold.

I agree the valve clearances should be checked and adjusted. I have done this a few times on my 1999 Honda Civic and each time a few of them have drifted off spec. My car has not needed a new valve cover gasket.

There may be other issues, but having valves working correctly is basic to engine functioning.

What were the stored diagnostic codes associates with the original CEL?

Thanks everyone, will set up to get the valves adjusted! I suspect it has not been done in some time…

Let us know the result. BTW, a “valve adjustment” is a much simpler and less expensive procedure than a “valve job”. You generally wouldn’t do a valve job unless the adjustment had first been done and problems remained.

You need to keep something in mind in regards to the valve adjustment. In most cases any tight valves are usually exhaust valves; not intakes.

Even over a comparatively short period of time tight exhaust valves can suffer damage to the valve face and valve seat. This damage may even be microscopic.

With the valves properly adjusted the engine may run just fine. The unknown part of this is how long the engine may run fine because once damage begins if often continues to increase.
Over time (6 months, 5 years, maybe never) it may worsen and cause engine misfires. At that point an adjustment will not help any more. It would be time for a valve job.

Check valve adjustment and compression.

This vintage 99-01 of crv has known valve burning issue even if adjusted as spec’d by Honda maintenance schedule. A bad Honda engine.