Check engine light flashing

Kia rio 2006 130461 today I went and got gas right when I pulled out light began to flash and car shaking went to auto zone codes p0302 and p0326 I had knock senor changed 2 months ago . What could be the problem the guy said I just need a tune up . Is this true ? Is my car safe to drive car not shaking now and no changes in fuction of my car. There no way I can any one to look at it for couple begin tomorrow sunday. Help please

You don’t want to drive your car with a flashing check-engine light. That can cause more damage that could be expensive to repair.

A flashing check engine light means stop driving as soon as you can get the car to a safe stop. It is usually a misfire, dumping unburned fuel in the exhaust, which will roach your catalytic converter. Big $$$ repair if that happens. Lots of other expensive bad things can happen. If you cannot work on it, your only choice is to sit tight till Monday to get to a mechanic.

Have the plugs ever been changed . . . ?!

If not, they are WAY overdue, and that’s where I would start

But I would do it for preventative maintenance reasons. If it also takes care of the misfire, great. If not, at least you’ve caught up on some maintenance

A flashing Check Engine light indicates that a major misfire is occurring and damage to the engine/catalytic converter(s) can occur.

Don’t drive the vehicle until it’s found out what’s causing the flashing Check Engine light.


Thanks I got it towed home I will get it checked out Monday fingers crossed. I also had no coolant in my car don’t if they may have caused it.

No coolant? I think you’ve found the main reason for the CEL. Keep your fingers crossed.

+1 to missileman’s comment.

And, I don’t think that I’m sticking my neck out too far when I theorize that this car’s biggest problem is a lack of attention to maintenance.

By “no coolant” do you mean the reservoir tank was empty? Check the RADIATOR when it’s cool and if reasonably full, just ad some 50-50 coolant mix to the reservoir tank…Have you driven the car since you had it towed? Is it still noticeably mis-firing? Is the CEL still on and flashing?

Should I drive it around ? I did get some cololant in the car. I’m really blonde to car maintenance. Yes was completely empty.

NO, don’t drive it until it is checked. The no coolant could be serious and you could cause more irreversible damage by driving it.

Ok confused now I was told I need to let the coolant get to my engine. If I just turn the car on would that do it. Could that make it worse

What was empty, the reservoir tank or the radiator? Did you look in both?

I think you could at least start the car and see if the CEL operation returns to normal (light goes out and stays out)…The P-0302 code indicates that the # 2 cylinder is misfiring…You should be able to detect that as a rough running engine…But if the CEL at least stops flashing and the engines operation seems normal, no misfire, then it’s probably okay to drive it to a repair shop for what sounds like a tune-up (new spark plugs and perhaps plug wires…But if the CEL continues flashing, you are risking overheating the catalytic converter by driving it…

@caddman The reservoir tank how do I check the radiator


Where is the pressure cap?

On the radiator or on the coolant reservoir?

There MAY be only one fill-port into the cooling system, the one you filled…Some systems use radiators with no separate fill caps…The coolant level in the tank should stabilize after several drive cycles…Always check it cold. There are other fluids that should be checked…The transmission, brake fluid, power steering fluid, all should be checked also and replenished as necessary…

Drive cycles are saying I should drive it @caddyman I turned car light cont. To flash and shaking and when gas petal pushed shakes even more still have not drove

I think you should have it towed to a dealer or good independent shop. Sounds like low coolant is not your only problem. The question is what caused the low coolant?

Agree with Bill, have a Pro straighten this out…Don’t dig the hole any deeper…

Concur with above advice, have the car towed, don’t drive it. Is it possible the “gas” you filled the tank with was contaminated, maybe had water in it, or you accidentally filled it w/diesel fuel? I’ve known this to happen before, in fact it happened to somebody I know just a couple months ago, so if that’s what happened, you wouldn’t be the first. Make sure the shop knows this symptom appeared immediately after filling the tank.