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Check engine light, catalytic converter, etc

Re: my 2001 Subaru Legacy wagon, 103,000 miles:

2 wks ago the ck engine light went on, but didn’t blink. The dealership replaced the cat. converter, left head gasket, and radiator. Also fixed 3 fuel leaks and replaced the timing belt. 8 days after getting the car back, the ck engine light came on again.

1. I’m afraid to drive it even though the ck engine light is not blinking–just on. The dealership is about 12 miles away.

2. I’ve already poured $4800+ into fixing this car 2 wks ago. Wondering what else has gone or may go wrong as a result of the cat converter problem I had, and how much it’s worth fixing. Was hoping to keep it past 150,000 miles at least.