Check engine light blinking

Yes doing it in same repair would have been my priority, but he gave same quote yesterday on phone and did not remove the extra $180, which was a surprise and i was not aware of it.

Anyway I did some test drive and it drove good. Sometime back I had posted here that we feel some roughness/slow jerking at low speeds (around 40/50 mph), which we were not able to findout. That is gone now. One of my colleague mentioned it may be sparkplugs misfiring, but seems the coil was the culprit. Today’s diagnosis gave two codes P0300 - random misfire and P0303 Cylinder 3 misfire.


A misfire will often be much more noticeable at idle, versus 50mph

OP, do I understand you correctly that you are still getting DTC’s for random misfires and misfire on number 3 AFTER the coil was replaced? If the problem was only the coil, those DTC’s shouldn’t continue. Unless these DTCs are from stored codes before the coil replacement. If that’s the case they should go away as active codes after a few drive cycles.

@GeorgeSanJose , the codes were before replacing the coil. I just posted them as information of what was diagnosed for CEL flashing. Now the car is running fine.
@db4690 , Right now I don’t feel that roughness at low speeds, but will certainly come to know as we drive and if it happens again. Hope it does not!! Thanks.

Glad you got your engine purring like a kitten again.