Check engine light and smell

I was driving my 2003 chevy trailblazer home after a mile trip up the road. Almost home the check engine light came on. When I got out in the driveway I smelled something that smelled like hair chemicals. My husband said it was probably just that something got wet and it would be ok in the morning. But this morning taking my kid to school the light was still on and I could smell the smell in the cab of the car. Please help

The smell may be the catalytic converter overheating.

You need to get the vehicle in and have the code(s) retrieved from the computer to determine what’s going on. Some Autozone stores will connect a scanner to your vehicle and pull the codes for free. If you do that, and then report back the code(s) that were pulled, maybe we can figure out what’s going on.


and don’t summarize the message from the code reader. post the exact code. it will be in the format of: P0123

I wanted to thank both you and cappy208. Went to advanced auto and the code was that I needed a new gas cap. Car is fine now thanks again.

Wow, not that I’m an experienced mechanic or anything like that…but this is a new one to me…bad gas cap causing a foul odor in and out of the car?