Check Engine coolant message on 2002 Caddy Deville

The check coolant message comes on my message center on my 2002 Caddy Deville. I have checked this and there is plenty of coolant. Can this be repaired without removing and installing a new coolant overflow tank?

The overflow coolant tank can be full but the radiator itself can still be low. This can happen if there is a split overflow hose or bad radiator cap. The radiator coolant must be checked as well as the overflow tank.

Like Missileman said, check radiator level. If that is good then the Level Switch is bad.

No radiator cap on this. Are you sure the coolant is up to the correct level, the sensor for this is very sensitive, and are you sure it isn’t reminding you that the coolant is due for a change?

the sensor is sticking. take the jug off and clean the inside by flushing it out with a water hose.