Cheap & Easy Dent Fix, But Has Anyone Tried It Here?

Here is a video of someone fixing their minor car dent with a can of compressed air and a hairdryer.


I’ve been interested in trying this, but have been nervous about trying. Is there anyone who’s tried it or would be willing to and report their success/failure???

I had a dent in my hood and a scrape on the turn signal lens that from an extension ladder that got blown over in the wind, the paintless dent repair guys fixed for 70 bucks. Didn’t watch the video but would go to the paintless dent repair guys first. (just my take)

I am also curious about this. I have a small hail dent on my hood. But it’s a lease and I don’t want to try it if the canned air may damage the paint over time. Does anyone know what the effects of canned air on the paint are? Would rather get the can of air out of my office desk (for free) than pay out $75 at this time…

I’ve seen a similar video of a guy rubbing dry ice on a dent to remove it. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. The extreme cold is what contracts the metal and pulls the dent. The cold coming out of the canned air can is the same principal, and easier to handle than dry ice, although not as cold.

This techique is called heat shrinking. And it works.

What happens is, when the metal is heated it wants to expand thru it’s thickness, not along it’s length. Then when the hot metal is cooled very quickly, this growth in thickness of the metal stays so it pulls the dent out.

You can watch how heat shrinking with a torch is done here.