Cheap E85

Once again thanks for the stupid comments which do not answer the question on e10, e15, e85 prices.

I agree…This one’s my favorite…

Seems to me E85 which is made from corn by good old USA union labor should cost much more than std gas

@Cavell - seems like your question has been answered several times. What’s left?

Your question says you know a lot about the dealer plans. How do you know this?

"Once again thanks for the stupid comments which do not answer the question on e10, e15, e85 prices. "

You’re welcome. It was a rather simple question to begin with. Of COURSE there’ll be a pattern.

I Read The Owner’s Manual For My Wife’s E-85 Capable Car Shortly After We Got It. The Manual Convinced Me Never To Run E-85. It Has Many Admonitions, Especially For Those Of Us In Colder Climate Regions.

Car Manufacturers receive credits from the government for each E-85 car they make and sell. They use the credits to “buy” a better overall fleet mileage rating. To the car manufacturers, that’s what it’s all about.

Our GM Owner’s Manual basically says you can use it, but it’s not recommended.
I would use it only if regular gasoline was unavailable.


Now I’m curious. Can you summarize the admonitions? I always assumed it worked fine, other than the poor fuel economy, assuming the car was designed for it.

Doesn’t matter how dirt cheap the stuff is…you don’t ever put E85 in any of my three trucks !

And therein lie the biggest problem with that pricing strategy.
Far too many customers only see the price and will be putting the wrong fuel in their vehicles…then crying foul.
I can see it now …clearly… if my wife went to fill up herself, she really would not have a clue what that label means ( she does kmow not to put in diesel fuel ) and would put in the cheapest.
most of my cutomer base is of the ‘‘I just want the cheapest’’ camp and that would fill up my shop in a hurry.

That whole ‘E85 in big SUV/trucks/Hummers’ thing really steamed me - for several years the carmakers got big CAFE credits for E85 vehicles. That’s why most of them were gas hogs. Net result?


Sorry for the rant…at least that’s no longer the case, I’m pretty sure.

If the car doesn’t say “flex fuel”, you can’t use it. And if you want to put it in your $5000 outboard motor, bring a paddle along or a rope for the tow back to shore. Anyone remember gas wars where folks would drive miles for the 19 cent gas. Of course price makes a difference.


“Hey teacher, leave us kids alone”

Seriously, you need to let us rant a little.

“Once again thanks for the stupid comments which do not answer the question on e10, e15, e85 prices.”

The problem in dealing with people is that they think for themselves. You ask a question, and people communicate what they think. Often that includes information that you don’t want, but they want to share.

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