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Cheap Camper Vans?

I’m interested in purchasing a car like a ford transit, something that has a med/high roof. I would like to convert it into something that I can live in full time while traveling. So far I have 5000 saved, is that a good start?

Is there anyone on here who is living in a camper van, knows someone, or has experince converting vans into something they can live in?

I’m also interested in something that is low on gas, and something i can stand in, I’m a pretty tall guy and I dont wanna crouch in something that I’m living in.

I’d like to hear your opinions.

here is a very similar thread you might want to read.

Thank you. I will read it asap.

$5000 will buy you a high milage mid eighties camper van that needs a lot of restauration.Even a fully restaured VW Westfalia camper dating back to 1992 can be found for around $20,000.

It is possible to convert the smaller Ford transit Connect into a camper for $5000 like this person did.The cost of the vehicule is not included in the conversion.


What country are you in?

The full-size Ford transit van has only been available a few years in the US, and you’re not getting one for 5000

Now, if you’re in another country, it might be a different matter. Because the large Ford transit vans have been available in many versions, for decades. And you should be able to find something for 5000 . . . are we talking US dollars, british pounds, or what?