Charlotte a blaze

My poor 63’ caddilac sedan caught fire the other day…Much damage has been done. I’m now in the process of finding serveral parts and piecing her back together. I need a distributor, wiring harness for the engine, plugs and wires, but do I need them to be specific to a 63 caddy? and does it change anything that my engine is an 82’ corvette engine? I was told that I don’t need to get a distributor specific to anything, that it will be fine to get a new after market one. Help, I’m trying to save money and if this is the case I will save a whole lot.

Who ever told you that any distributor is OK is full of it. The distributor needs to be matched to the engine it will be installed on, and that means it needs to fit an '82 Corvette engine. A '63 Caddy distributor will not fit your engine. Aftermarket is OK, as long as it fits the engine.

Hi there, thanks for that advice. Regarding other parts, which have to be specific to the engine, can you think of any that I should know of before shopping around? I’m a girl with minimal knowledge but don’t want to be taken for, ya know. I love my car and want to someday do the small stuff myself. I just don’t have the know-how as of now. Anything you can suggest or advise will be more than appreciated.


There are custom wiring harnesses available on the Web. At, you may find the original wiring harness (stranger things have happened).

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