Charging the battery plus

my son will be bringing over his 1995 honda civic 4cy, very shortly. he brought it to one of the stores where he lives and they said the alternator needed to be replaced, he had them charge the battery while he was there so he could get the car to me.( he’s broke) i looked at some sights to see if i could give it a try but it seemed to be too much for me I’m getting old— with tension belts and bolts and tough to get at-- first how do i fine out if it is a 1.5 or 1.6 engine? they said at auto zone it makes a difference. #2 how long can it run on just the battery? i will be charging it when he gets here. any advice would be helpful. thanks for any comeback.

First, what trim line is this Civic? CX, DX, EX, LX & VX all appear to have the 1.5L engine. Only the SI has the 1.6. I used the O’Reilly Auto Parts on line catalog to try and figure this out. Not sure this is 100% right, but I would bet the engine is a 1.5. Also look under the hood for the emissions label. I believe it clearly tells you which engine is in that car. I am a little surprised that the guys where he got the battery charged didn’t help him find out which engine he had.

I have run a battery a little less than an hour without the alternator working; however I don’t recommend it. Pay for a tow to get the car somewhere you can work on it,safely. If you guess incorrectly or bet wrong, then you have to pay for a tow anyway.