Charging problem

I have 95 dodge intrepid,have had alternator checked and instaled a different ecu. but still will not charge battery

Has the battery been checked? Both ends of both battery cables, as well as any ground cables between the engine and the car body?

Those who checked your alternator (if they really did check) should have given you the answer. Assuming your alternator is supplying proper voltage, it will always charge the battery unless the battery is bad or the battery cables are the problem. These are rather easy to check.

One more thought… your battery may be charging properly but it loses its charge overnight due to some electrical drain. We really don’t know what problems you are having.

We were told the battery and alternater were good. This car’s voltage is regulated thru ecu,we replaced it with a used one,still had same problem. Afew weeks ago,after I worked on it,it ran for a couple of weeks,if car is jumped,it runs till cables are disconected.

I do wonder how they checked the battery. Check that alternator again. Does your battery start the truck anymore? With the battery charged to at least 12.5 volts, turn the lights on for two minutes and check the voltage again. If it is near or below 10.5 you need a new battery. With that test, if it goes near 11.5 you need a new battery.

There is a fusible link in the black/gray wire between the Power Distribution Center and the alternator. The Power Distribution Center connects to the battery. If the fusible link is blown, guess what? That’s right! No electrical connection between the battery and the alternator. Thus, no charging.

I agree with the fusible link theory and something else to consider is the little red dashboard battery or alternator light. If that light does not illuminate when the key is turned on the alt. will not charge because the alt. fields require voltage supplied through that bulb to enable the alt. to produce.

A quick test would be to turn the key on and lightly touch the tip of a screwdriver, metal rod, or what have you to the alternator pulley. If you feel magnetism then the alt. is probably good and you have a fusible link problem.

today I charged battery and started car,as it was running, I tapped oh alternator,and heard a change in pitch of noise and could tell it was charging ,it that would explain why after I had it checked it ran for a couple of weeks,it also registerd a code 41 now. I will have time on sunday to install a used alternator,am quite sure the problem is solved ,.thanks

Code 41 is for an open, or short, in the alternator control circuit from the ecu. Check the connections, at the alternator and the ecu (electronic control unit), and the wire for wholeness with a digital voltmeter.