2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee - It wasn't the alternator

2008 grande Cherokee,replaced alternator, still wont charge, whats wrong ??

Have you tested the battery itself? It may not be able to take a charge. What is the condition of the cables? If they’re badly corroded no juice will get to the battery.

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Ask a parts store if there is a fuseable link,

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Check if the fusible link between the alternator and starter is burned.


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What voltage do you get on the battery when the engine is off, what voltage when the engine is running? That info can help a lot in figuring out where to start looking

There are a couple of reasons that the alternator isn’t charging the battery. One reason is the fusible link shown in the diagram is blown out. Hopefully you have a meter to check voltage with. If the alternator output is more than .3 volts higher than the battery voltage then the link needs to be checked out. The other reason for no charging is the field lead is not providing voltage to the field windings of the alternator.

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Or you might have a bad alt connector. Maybe alt is not being told to charge? Did you have old alt tested?