Changing wheel bearing in 2013 Ford F-150

Changing wheel bearing

So what about it?

How to tell it’s bad and how to change

If it growls when driving, higher pitch growl when driving faster and/or the wheel is loose when you jack it off the ground, the bearing is going bad.

How to change it depends on which end of the truck, and whether it is 2WD or 4WD.

If you have to ask how on a site like this, I’d suggest buying a shop manual so you can read how it is done. It generally requires more than just hand tools

Rear of truck 4 wheel drive

The diferential cover needs to come off, remove the cross pin. Remove the caliper and bracket and rotor or the brake drum. Push the axle in, remove the c-clip, pull the axle. Pry out the seal, use a slide hammer to pull the bad bearing out. Inspect the axle shaft for damage on the bearing surface. Replace if there is any roughness. Reverse all that to put it back together. Re-fill the diff with rear end lube.

Scare you yet?