Changing transmissions from auto to manual in Mazda 6

I suspect we will see Mr and Mrs Triedaq on the Shark Tank looking to get $500,000 or so to help market the product nation-wide. You can save a lot of money if you can produce your own plungers rather than buy them. I’m sure Cuban is familiar with plungers and shovels too, so should be an easy sell.

Side note: I rarely watch the show and question their business analysis but the wife likes them.

It’s not that I designed the system to keep all old threads open. In vanilla, I used to blanket-close all threads with a creation date 90 days earlier on a rolling basis. The creators of Discourse designed the platform to treat the archives as as living material with which users could interact.

I did the Vanilla thread closures mostly due to the requests, rather than my own philosophy of thread creation. It’s been interesting to see how the new system has played out, because a lot of the time people post replies to old threads without even realizing they’re old. And I think it’s great that it’s bringing some people back to the forum who have been gone. What’s wrong with new contributions?

Yes, I can see some advantages to the theory of “living material”

But the fact remains that people regularly respond to OPs who will never respond

Because in many cases they haven’t been active on this website in years

I think the real problem is the “Suggested Topics” . . . it’s very easy to overlook the dates

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I may be thinking of an unrelated forum but didn’t Car Talk “Ask Tom and Ray” have read only archives listed by year?

For the life of me I don’t remember ever posting what I did, but my sentiments remain the same.

My BIL converted his 62 Fairlane to manual but it came without an engine and trans and just had to add a clutch kit.

Up to 97 Nissan D-21s. I swapped from an auto to standard w/o any modifications. I simply took trans along with all hardware including brake and clutch pedals , minus the ecu and bolted everything into/on to recipient truck for half the price as an automatic rebuild. Had a shop rebuild auto before I decided to swap, 9 months and $1900 ,plus parts, it lasted shy of 2months. 10 years later engine spun a bearing so in goes a 350 vortec I have laying around along with the IRS from a 90 300z donor. Shoot ya some pics of orginal swap.

Don’t do it