Changing transmission fluid for the first time question


I was due to change my transmission fluid for the first time since purchasing this car(2017 Chevy equinox w/2.4L engine) So I was following the Haynes manual instructions and drained the oil into an empty pan and then measured the amount of oil that came out of the vehicle which was 4.61L, I then added 4.5L of transmission oil back into the car expecting to top it up as needed. I idled the car for 5 minutes and then shifted through all the gears as stated in the manual, took out the transmission oil check plug and oil started pouring out. I checked how much came out of the check plug and it was 1.8L. which would mean that there would only be 2.81L remaining in the car, the capacity in the manual says 5.2 quarts/4.920L. so the number that initially drained seems more in line with what the car needs I’m just not sure where I would’ve gone wrong, I had the car level on 4 jacks. I’m stumped.

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I’ve been told that the Haynes manual for my Toyota Avalon describes the transmission and differential fluids to be in separate compartments. Didn’t Work out that way in my car. If I were to put transmission fluid in the tranny,and pull out the DIFFERENTIAL drain plug, the new transmission fluid will come out of the differential, in addition to what was in the differential!

I can promise you… not all vehicle service manuals are created equal.

I particularly recall many many mistakes in Clymer or Haynes manuals back in the day. So its definitely possible they are giving you bogus info in the book.

The only books that tend not to have errors are the expensive factory service manuals. But even those are not immune. You live and learn. You are doing the right thing in observing what is going on btw, sometimes that is all it really takes to get things correct.

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