Changing the fluids in a 2003 F-150 4WD auto trans

I have a little over 105K on the odometer and read that the differential fluids should be changed. Very little time in 4WD.

Should I change the tranny fluid also?

Should I take it in or do it myself realizing I have to take the old fluids to the hazmat center?

does the transmission have a filter that needs to be replaced when I change the fluids?

The general answer to this and to the other post about the fuel filter is that you should blow $20 on a repair manual from and auto parts store. It will have all of the basic maintenance info in it and then some.

No one can tell you whether or not you should do these things yourself. None of it is overly difficult but you have to be your own judge of it. The best thing to do is check out a manual to see what it involved.

The transmission fluid and filter should be serviced every 30K miles.

You can change the fluids in the transfer case and differentials yourself. Without a lift it involves jacking the car, jack stands, and can get messy. Unless you have a good work area (including heat in my area now) you might just want to pay someone to do it. You can collect all these fluids in one container for disposal. No filters, but you must be sure you refill with the proper spec fluids.

I would NOT recommend DIY on the auto trans. There is a filter. Some transmissions have special requirements and process involved in draining the trans body and the torque converter. “Flushing” simplifies the process, but poorly done flushes (such as at a quick oil change place) can cause problems and damage. My 1st choice for the trans service is a Ford dealer, but a good independant trans shop should be fine too. No quickie places, and no chain tire shops for this job IMO.

Thanks. I agree about the manual and will get one.

It’s been years since I messed with an automatic trans and see the wisdom in having the dealer do it.