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Changing starter on 1978 georgie boy

Guys-I bought a !978 Georgie Boy Cruise Air-It is mechanically very sound-except the guy had been having trouble with the starter & he has let the coach sit for 2 years without running it. Engine is free, but even after cleaning all terminals, switching batteries, wrapping on the brush end of the starter with a hammer-the starter only "grunts and turns the engine about 1/8 revolution. SO- I’m replacing the starter-or TRYING to. How in the heck do you get at the top mounting bolt of the starter?

It’s a Dodge 440

Is there an engine cover inside the motorhome? It should be located just below the dash. You might be able to remove the cover and access the bolt from the top.

Yes there is a engine cover-I have it off-because it’s a big 440-it fills up the whole area-and the starter is tucked in below the drivers side head and next to the block-it bolts into the Bell housing it looks like-everything else is “easy” to reach-but not that bolt-Thanks-Al