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Starter motor

Thank you for your replies. I have a 2000 dodge ram 2500 auto 133k miles v8 gas. Yesterday the starter would not work all the time, I can hear the solenoid click and it lt would make a noise that was engaging but nothing happens. I took an amp reading when it did not work (70 amps) and when it worked (180 amps). It then could not start at all. I removed the starter and took it to autozone for a test, it pass it twice. My bat terminals were little corroded, so I replaced the connectors and reinstalled the starter. It would mot work at all. I can hear the click of the solenoid. I took a voltage reading from the battery to the starter - 12.58v then from the starter to the bottom bolt, 12.55v so I know that voltage and ground are present. I also did a reading with the key on start, no change, I was expecting to drop the voltage to 10v or 9v. I turned on headlamps and they would not dim, so I took a reading on the solenoid cable 3.5 amps and the starter cable, 1 amp. I am about to take the starter again to autozone for test. All grounds are clean and the posts are new, the cables are solid and in good appearance no sign of damaged cable here. Please help.

If Auto Zone just put the starter on the test bench; but, didn’t test it with a LOAD on it, then it could be a weak starter. If they did do a LOAD TEST, the problem might be that your truck engine is a higher load; or, that your truck engine won’t turn over at all.
Put a wrench on the crankshaft bolt, and turn the engine over by hand. Results?

Thank you for your reply. The engine is not locked or seized. It turn with some muscle at that nut. This is a great suggestion, thank you.
When I was taking out the starter I notice that the bolts were “gorilla” tight. The battery terminal was very, very torqued. I was curious to check the starter, it was garbage, so I open up the solenoid door, removed the plunger and I was amazed looking at the contacts across the solenoid. The battery contact base was bent, keeping the plunger to fully engage the other side and were was touching the contact was black - this is why there was not voltage drop or amp reading ! Thank God I looked at this. I removed the terminal, them straight the base out and used a lock washer so it would not spin anymore. I clean up the bottom of the plunger til was all cooper shining there, reinstalled it and so far, thank God, the truck is running again. Now I that I am typing this I found a place to order the contacts : .
Thank you for you reply.

Good job. Sounds like you’re going to save some money.

Great work.

From the sound of this thread you could be an asset as a poster helping us help others. Stick around. I’ll buy you one of my famous cornbread muffins.

Yep thats the ticket my friend. However, I would recommend that you go ahead and order the new posts and install them in a month or two. Once the terminals get burned, and yours were, they tend to pit and lose contact after a short time. Replace them, and you will get years more out of this starter. been there, done that. thanks for your post.

Thank you for your kindness.

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