Changing Spark Plugs on 2007 Expedition

Q: Parts – I was pricing the plugs for my 2007 Expedition, and AutoZone had two kinds that would fit mine: one with a heat range of 1, and another with a range of 1.5. What’s the difference?

Q: Process – Of course, I’ll need a spark plug socket, an extension, and maybe a wiggly adapter. Anything else? Looks like with these I’ll need to remove a small bolt before I actually get to the plug.

I’d Use The Same Original Equipment Plugs (OE) The Manufacturer Used. I Don’t Know If You’ve Got A Label Uner The Hood To Tell You Or If It’s In The Owner’s Manual.

Most Auto Parts Stores Show Which Plugs Are OE Parts.

Are they recommending Autolite ?

Which engine do you have ? Maybe somebody here has done plugs on one.


Be very careful. These engines have aluminum heads and are very easy to strip out the threads. I would recommend the dealer or a good shop on this one.

Just had the local Ford Dealer’s mechanic tell me not to use the Autolites. He said they would last for about 8k miles, then I’d get check engine lights and all kinds of other hassles, and just have to replace them. He says the Motorcraft plugs (the ones he recommends) are $20 each.

I have never had a problem with Autolite plugs, but I have never had to change plugs in a new 3 valve Triton motor either. Motorcraft is OE for your truck, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go with those. $20 list price isn’t out of the ballpark for plugs for this truck. They are pretty expensive.

I would advise that you either have this job done at the dealer or a shop that has changed plugs on one of these motors before. The design of the plugs promotes carbon buildup and replacing them can be a nightmare because of this.

Certainly not my experience. While Motorcraft are good plugs, Autolites in my Ford trucks have done well. They all have gone the full distance to their replacement time, whether 30K miles or 60K miles.