Changing spark plugs for 99 expedition

Please help, what is the best way with the right tools to change spark plugs on a 1999 ford expedition, it took me about two hours of trying but i only got the two closes spark plugs changed. Any diagram or comment would possibly help.

Sometimes it helps to have a wobbling socket extension for real tight jobs. You may also have to remove some accessories to get at the plugs. Sorry I can’t be much help on this but I haven’t worked on one. I will suggest, that since you are do-it-yourself kind of person you would be wise in investing in a service manual for the vehicle. A factory manual is the best and it will help save you a lot of time and money in repairs and maintenance.

Here is a couple of links for manuals selling on Ebay currently. Having the wiring manual at least is like owning gold in my book.

You might need specialty sockets such as these.


Since it’s a V8 truck, it could be easier to get to some of the spark plugs from underneath. Run the truck up onto steel ramps, and have a look up.

Exactly what part are you having trouble with?
Getting a straight shot at them, the socket falling off the extension and into the bottom of the plug well, getting the new plugs started in the bottom of that pit, etc.? Or all of the above?


You should provide a warning to us tool buffs not to look when you provide links like that. Looking at it just makes us want more tools. S&K no less. One of my favorites.


Have you removed all the coil packs? Be very careful when you disconnect them. Then it’s a pretty simple matter. You may have to remove some plastic trim covers and air ducts to gain access…Try not to disturb the injectors, but you may have to disconnect the wires on a few of them to remove the coil packs…It’s wise to blow out the plug wells with compressed air before removing the plugs. Work troublesome plugs back and forth to avoid stripping the tender aluminum threads in the head. Be sure to use anti-seize compound on the threads of the new plugs…

Ah yes! It’s almost like looking gems I must say!