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Changing inner tie rod at 150K, should I just change the struts too?

I’m curious what are community’s thoughts regarding doing more suspension parts replacements than might be immediately needed at the moment. I have a 2011 Honda Odyssey, 155K miles. I have a bit of movement in my right front tire (jacked up subtle left/right ‘play’ in the tire), so I need to replace my inner tie rod. Everything else seems tight and fine with the other tie rods. The only other thing that I notice with front suspension items is that the front right strut boot is completely torn too (original struts). The ride seems fine, but while I’m in there replacing parts should I replace ALL the tie rod components? It’s a difference of about $35 as compared with about $100 for all 4 parts. Also, I’m going to need an alignment, so why not replace the front strut pairs too? That’s about $325 for a pair of Monroe quick struts.

So, do I just do the single inner tie rod and get the alignment done (total about $100), or replace the other aging parts, then get the alignment? Thanks for your help!

Replace tie rods and struts on both side and do the alignment afterward.It will save you $$$ in the long run.At 150k other components might start failing…cv axles,wheel bearings etc.Most people just replace the worned components and that is ok.

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I agree. Only question-how long do you plan to keep it?

I figured this was the best way to go seeing the car’s not new and it’ll just require me to do the alignment once. Thank you!

As long as possible. Car’s still running good, and most importantly, paid off.

Then I’d do it all.