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Changing a water pump on a 1992 Tempo

My grandson has a 1992 Ford Tempo-2.3 four cylinder. The water pump has started leaking. Looking at it-it has very close quarters to access it for removal. Is it possible to raise the engine by loosening the side motor mount to help with access.? Any other ideas would be appreciated-Thanks

Actually, it’s pretty easy to replace the water pump on this vehicle.

Although it appears tight, once all the drive belts are removed, it’s just a matter of disconnecting the outlet hose from the water pump, and removing the water pump mounting hardware.


I would suggest getting rid of a 92 Tempo if the money situation isn’t too tight. The Tempo isn’t one of the better cars built and may not be worth fixing. If the water pump is leaking and the radiator and heater core were never changed, I would suggest checking on radiator and heater core prices too. If you decide to keep the car, expect one of those two to start leaking and the other to let go when the first one is changed.

When you change the radiator, you should also change the engine fan motor, which will be easy if the fan comes off the motor. If you live where there is not much rain or snow, the fan should come off the motor shaft after the clip is removed.

In conclusion: If the engine always runs smoothly and the transmission hasn’t ever acted strangely while turning corners and the front end alignments weren’t neglected, you may choose to keep the car. If not, I recommend getting a better car because the 92 Tempo could become a money pit.