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Changing a tire 101

My left rear tire is flat. I dug out all the tools and donut spare. Loosened the lugnuts and wheel is in the air but seems to be stuck. Any suggestions?

Hit the wheel from behind with soft faced hammer, or something else that won’t damage the wheel.

If all the lug nuts are off, a sharp blow with a hammer may loosen it up.

First just start whacking it some - kick it or something. Use common sense about the jack stability - which basically means don’t leave any part of your body under there & don’t pound it hard enough for the jack to fall over.

If a good few kicks don’t get it loose, put the lug nuts back on but leave them a little bit loose. Let the jack down - maybe gently drive the car a few feet. That should break the wheel free - jack it back up & see.

Another thing to try is put the lug nuts back on 4-5 turns. Then with the tire back on the the ground, try pushing on the side of the vehicle in a rythmic manner so the vehicle starts occilating from side to side. This will sometimes pop off a stuck wheel off the hub.