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Changing 1970 Datsun carbs

1970 Datsun 2000. I am thinking of replacing my dual SU carbs with something more modern like dual Webers. I am open to suggestions. I am looking for a complete bolt off-bolt on kit. OPEN TO ANY THOUGHTS OF WISDOM. It is a 1970 Datsun 2000 NOT a 1600 Fairla;dy

The car is more valuable with the original SU’s, in case you were wondering. As for Webers being more modern… No, they were designed in the same timeframe as the SU’s. Modern would be fuel injection.

Manifiolds are still available for putting Weber carbs on this engine and the carbs are still available as well. I’ve found no one that sells a complete kit with carbs, manifolds and linkage so you may have to buy them separate. Search EBay and Google for this.

You will have to tune the Webers in any event. The manifold and linkage kits I’ve seen run $1800 and a pair of rebuilt carbs go for $1500. Figure $5000 or more for a shop to set the carbs up for your engine assuming you can find a shop nearby with an old guy who can actually still tune a Weber.



Replacing your new cars disc brakes with a newer modern drum brake system.


A British car expert I know would cringe at the thought. He’s seen so many bad swaps of mis-tuned SU carbs for too-large, hard to tune Webers. Just get a good SU repair manual, rebuild them, and adjust them correctly. This should solve any carb-related issues.

And the special Uni-Sync vacuum tool for synchronizing the SUs.

There are single 4bbl manifolds available, this would allow a TBI option or carburetor. Retain the OEM manifold&carbs to return to stock.