Changed to summer tires, now the alignment is off

Hi, new user here. I have a 2011 Honda Accord Coupe (black on black, sweet…)

So I recently had my seasonal tire change, and all of a sudden, the alignment veers significantly to the right.

Now I’m aware that a tire change shouldn’t affect the alignment, but the fact remains that it was straight before, and now it’s off.

I had alignment service done about 8 months ago, switched to the winter tires, and everything was fine throughout the winter.

The tires are in decent shape with even wear on both sides.

Is there something else going on here that I’m not seeing? If tire change isn’t connected to alignment, why would there a significant difference before and after?



Try switching front wheels. Sometimes tires ride different from others. Changing them from front to back can work also. You could also report this to the tire place you got the tires from. They might replace them. They also may want you to have your alignment rechecked, which wouldn’t be a bad idea anyways.

While tcmichnorth is trying to “fix” things, what he is suggesting is better for diagnosing the problem. Swapping front tires left to right will point to where the problem may be - in the car or in the tires (or both).

But your post is revealing. You had an alignment done when you applied your winter tires and that was OK until you put on your summer tires. Did you get a print out? What did they change (if anything)?

While that isn’t conclusive, it tends to point to tires as the source of the problem - and swapping tires left to right will confirm it.

So do that, then post back so we can help you interpret the results.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I did take it back to the place this morning where I had the summer tires put back on, and they can’t do an alignment check there, it’s only a quick oil change and tire shop.

We had the alignment done in September, then winter tires installed in November. Whether they adjusted the alignment at that time, I don’t know, it was a different shop.

I’ll go back there and have them swap the front tires to see if that makes any difference. Strange they didn’t try this idea at the shop this morning…


Make sure the tires have the correct air pressure all around.One low tire can feel like the alignment is off.

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but you said it veers significantly to the right after tire swap. too bad you dont have summer/winter wheels. sounds like you had the tires dismounted?

Cavell, not sure what you mean. Both sets of our tires are on rims.