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Changed Serpentine belt, now car will not start

Hi, My husband changed the Serpentine belt(belt broke) on my 1997 ford mustang. I drove it to the store and now it will not not start. Seemed liked the alternater was dead. It will not start even with a jump. The gas meter gauge and temp gauge needles are down in the right hand corner-never saw that before. Any suggestions?

Talk To Your Husband. I Haven’t Done Anything To Your Car. I Have Enough Going Just Keeping All Of Our’s On The Street.



Perhaps the alternator pulley has seized and that’s what broke your belt to begin with? Was it making any noise going to the store? Smell? Do you know whether or not he checked all of the pulleys? Someone needs to put a voltmeter to the battery to see if it has power. If you can get it to an auto parts store, many check the battery & charging system for free.

Yes, the cars was making a screeching sound, I thought that was the belt. I will have him check the pulley. Thanks