Chalk marks on tires for parking code enforcement?

Not sure if still done here. Wondering if still done in your area? Seems a 2019 court ruling puts chalking tires on shaky legal ground.

I do not know if that is still being done. All these eletric kiosk pay meters these days doubtful, my thought.


I don’t think I’ve seen the chalk marks in some time now

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We don’t have parking myers anymore. Where they are used in the big city, they have converted to electronic payment where you plug in the meter number you are at. They don’t care how long you stay as long as you have time left. Oh yeah so they don’t need those big coin carts anymore either, or the nice ladies that would run the whole thing. Thinking nurse kratchhet.

I don’t get that. You mean the nurse Ratched in one flew over the cuckoos nest? Thinking lovely Rita meter maid myself.

We do not use parking meters where I live, but I remember the readers making their rounds in other place I’ve lived in years past. However, we have a show on TV called “Parking Wars” out of Philadelphia

TV Series: Parking Wars…

Then we have the lovely Nurse Ratchet at her best…

The real “Rita” is named Meta Davis and Paul admitted that the thought of meter maids being sexy was a bit of “tongue in Cheek Humor…”

Link to the Rita Story…

Music to Rita Meter Maid…

Good Night Eddy…

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Additionally, they no longer have thefts of coins by some sketchy employees. It didn’t take the larcenous ones very long to realize that there was no record of how many coins were contained in each meter, so it wasn’t too hard for a dishonest employee to loot a lot of coinage.

On a related note, this is one more job for unskilled people that either no longer exists, or exists in very small numbers. You can add parking lot attendants, elevator operators, commercial laundry workers, car wash employees, meter readers, retail & mass transit cashiers, newspaper delivery people, and a lot of other old job titles that are now either gone or in very short supply.

The lesson here for those who didn’t go to college is to get some solid technical training or you may be perpetually unemployed.

DETROIT (AP) — A Michigan city violated the U.S. Constitution by chalking tires to enforce parking limits, but it won’t be forced to refund thousands of tickets in the class-action case, a judge said.

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