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Chainsaw powered bike

Perfect for high density urban riding!!

I remember when chain saw engines were often put on a bike to make a DIY motorcycle. I suspect that it worked OK with the old standard bike, but not the light weight models.

The gearing looks like it will produce a 100mph cruising speed…The chainsaw is a museum relic…
Photoshop 101?? What to do while I wait for my next SSDI check…

Is that the bike that will be featured in the “chainsaw massacre” movie installment?

It could very well be a horror movie prop…

In cycling we have a crash called an “endo”, where the bike flips forward and the rider goes over the handlebars. I would not want to be the poor guy that does an “endo” on this bike.

We fabricated a go cart as kids with a chain saw engine, silly us we did not keep the blade! Perfect engine, automatic clutch and horizontal drive!

When I was a kid…I use to ride a bike ALL the time. I went over the handlebars a few times while growing up. Nothing serious…but with that bike…I’m sure I wouldn’t be here today if I went over the bars.

Forgot to mention it’s Russian.

So along with the biggest bomb, bell and cannon, they have the most dangerous bicycle.

Obviously, they are not burdened by liability lawsuits for consumer goods.

That thing gives the tailgater an unfair advantage.
TSM, it might also re-define the meaning of ENDO :wink:

People would certainly get out of your way!

TT, it certainly would.

This bike would be great for cutting through traffic.

It will discourage anyone from wanting to ride on your handlebars, and will certainly make pedestrians hurry up if ridden on the sidewalk…

How old is the picture. That chainsaw looks like it might have cut the timbers for the Csar’s summer palace.