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Certified pre-owned Toyota

Does anyone know if a welded/repaired frame would make it through the certification process for Toyota CPO? I bought my 2007 Avalon 2 and a half years ago, and although there have always been hints of body damage (runs in the clearcoat, trunk not closing easily, etc.) I just now found 2 weld spots on the frame/unibody. Is this something that would normally make it through CPO? Is there anything I can do? I would think this will impact my resale.

From the Toyota CPO site:

Frame/Unibody check
Inspect body surface
Inspect panel alignment and fit
Inspect lower body and underbody for damage
Check exhaust systems and hangers

Exterior is clean and free of road residue
No cracked or broken lenses of exterior lights
Outside rearview mirror operates/lens is good
Glass free of cracks, stars and large chips
Glass is free of improper repairs
Bumpers are free of cuts, gouges and scratches
Body is free of all dents
Body is reasonably free of dings
Paint is reasonably free of scratches and chips
Vehicle is free of improper paint repairs or mismatched color
Hood and trunk latches working
Free of water spots
Paint is free of swirl marks
Paint has even, high luster
Paint is free of buffable scratches
Free of wax residue
Wheelwells are clean
Acceptable aftermarket items checked
Removal of unacceptable aftermarket items

They don’t say that they will not sell a vehicle that has been in an accident, only that it is safe to drive, there is no unfixed damage, and that all repairs were done properly. If it had been in an accident, it might be in the Carfax report you got when you bought the car. Maybe not, but it could be. You did get a Carax report, correct?

Anyway, I’d be surprised if Toyota used a previously damaged vehicle as a CPO. But tha depends on how much damage there was.

I think like JT says carfax is your recourse. Hopefully the provided the report to you on purchase (they should) and you still have it. I am not sure if a “clean” carfax is part of the CPO requirements. Another way is to claim that the accident and repairs are such to make the car unsafe. I am thinking you would have to make a visit to said dealership and express your concern/PO state to the manager and calmly imply that you are going to pursue this and create some bad publicity. Knowing car dealers I doubt that their heart rate would go up at all but who knows. I think carfax is only covering you for $5K which is nothing nowadays esp for an Avalon. Have a bodyshop give you a written description of the damage and then talk to a lawyer.

Thanks both. I set up time with the dealer next week. I’ll let you know what happens.