Cell phone users

I know some motorcycle drivers will tend to kick the door of the car that almost ran them off the road. Though these tend to be burly Harley riders.

Recently, a respected cancer researcher has published a paper claiming that in about 10 years, we will have an epidemic of brain cancers, caused by microwave radiation emitted from cell-phones. He says it will take that long for the DNA damage to manifest itself into cancer. Other lesser known researchers have been claiming this for a long time and have been dismissed as crackpots by scientists sponsored by the cell-phone industry, who ignore the 10 year waiting period…

I have resorted to smacking the side of cars when I am on my bicycle and crowded by cars. I need my feet on the pedals.

I saw one lady talking on the cell phone, putting on her make-up and giving or trying to give a baby in the back seat the bottle. How she drove I don’t know by I sure hope the baby is still OK.

If you see someone driving with a cell phone and you become distracted by them then YOU become part of the problem. Ignore them and concentrate on your own driving. If they appear too distracted, then concentrate more heavily on being sure you are safe from any inadvertant surprises they might offer.

If they appear truely erratic, call 911 and report it.

Do not become a distracted driver yourself!

I’ll add that to my list of things to worry about. As I spend as much time on a cell as anyone, I’ll probably be the first to find out if it’s true.

While I feel for you, I also ride a bike (one with a motor one without) that is not a good idea. You get their attention, but startling someone driving all the metal inches away from you is not a good idea. If they were to jerk that wheel the wrong way, and let’s face it, they are not good drivers or they would not be doing it, you are the one that will come off bad.

I agree…but there are laws that might actually work…Insurance companies have been pushing them for years.

IF you are in a accident and it’s found to be your fault because you were on your cell phone…you CANNOT COLLECT ON ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR VEHICLE…AND YOU CAN BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE YOU DO TO OTHER PEOPLES PROPERTY OR PERSON.

Insurance companies have also been pushing seat-belt laws. If you are in a accident and you get injured nad you were NOT wearing your seatbelt you CANNOT COLLECT ANY MONEY FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY IF YOU WERE INJURED.

About the cancer thing - the power emitted from you cell phone antenna (or any radiating energy source for that matter) deminishes significantly the farther you are from it - it’s the square of the distance so increase the distance 2X and you get 4X reduction in power - move 4x and you get 16X reduction.

So - USE YOUR HANDS FREE HEADSET and keep the phone away from your head - just common sense. BUT beware of the bluetooth hands free headsets you see everyone using - they transmit RF too! but at a much lower power than the cell phone.

Are you seriously worried about cell phone radiation? There are probably a 100 other things that are likely to kill us faster (starting with just about everything we eat). Sorry, I just can’t get excited about this one “risk.” I really hate using those hands free things.

I’m not worried about it b/c I don’t chat on the phone a lot - but using a headset is good a number of other reasons - including that one.

While there is no proof - you have to consider that RF from your phone is in a similar frequency range as your microwave oven - and while the oven is hundreds of Watts of power and your phone is measured in milliwatts (1,000 MW/W) you have to wonder if it is affecting you in some way.

I talk on my cell many hours per week (it’s my primary business phone and I’m usually traveling anyway), and I’m just not interesting in spending half my life with an earpiece in my ear. I do understand radiation, I’m just not concerned about microwave radiation in the milliwatt range (apparently no-one in a position of authority is very worried either). If it concerns you, use a headset.

This sounds a lot like the low frequency electromagnetic radiation “scare” from a few years ago (when everyone, including the EPA, was getting bent out of shape over electrical transmission lines and household appliances). There is altogether to much junk science out there.

I don’t loose sleep over it. But I am comforted to know there are people out there doing the experiments needed to find out if there is or isn’t an affect :wink:

OK, I guess someone has gotten funding to worry about this stuff. If/when someone credible decides it’s a real risk, I’ll think about it. If I really thought there was anything to this, my kids wouldn’t have cell phones.

Recently, a respected cancer researcher has published a paper claiming that in about 10 years, we will have an epidemic of brain cancers, caused by microwave radiation emitted from cell-phones.

There have been several studies on this…With cell phones of 5 years ago it might have been true. But cell phones today use about 1/3 the power they did back then. Current studies have shown no significant increases in cancers using Cell Phones. You get far more radiated if you live near a high power line.

I just don’t think there’s enough information out there yet.

Well… I don’t know about funding… but the best experiment is to just do it and see what happens! My kids don’t have cell phones (yet) - for a completely different reason - $$$ :slight_smile:

I probably get a lot more background radiation living in denver (about 200 mrem/yr) than I ever will get from my cell phone. That’s actually a lot more than the occupational exposure that I normally get in any single year of being inside various nuclear power stations.

obviously you’ve never seen ME dancing. i certainly don’t want to get shot. someone may get violently sick if i was to dance to the beat!